Thursday, October 13, 2011

Women on the Pill pick boring lovers, good partners, study claims

Good-looking and sexy or dull and nice. Seems there's always a trade-off when it comes to love.
Woman taking birth control seem to stay in their relationships longer???
Check out this article by Rita Rubin on MSN.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Race Does Matter: Barbara Walters can never say the N word, But Rick Perry cant run for President

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Let me first start by saying that I don’t watch the view, nor am I really a fan of the show. But this story has been getting a lot of attention and I just wanted to make sure that true issue in this story does not get overlooked.

The issue, if you have not heard was that Barbara Walters decided to you the N word on The View. Now here is the context of what exactly happened and why she said it.  Texas Governor Rick Perry, his family, and friends have been going to a hunting lodge for years. Now this is where the issue comes in at, there is a rock outside the gate of this camp with the word ‘Niggerhead’ on it. Just recently Rick Perry came under fire from the media about the lodge’s name. Now why in the hell would you name any place Niggerhead, and of all places a hunting lodge in Texas, if that is not racist I don’t know what is. What would be the reason for this lodge being called, ‘niggerhead’? I have no issue with Rick Perry going to this lodge with his entire family and all his face book friends, and twitter followers. But you can’t do that and then run for President of the United Stated of America and expect to have the full support of all Americans. Reports are saying that 3 years after Rick Perry's name was added to the lease on the property that the rock was painted over. So it took you three years to decide that you wanted to paint over a rock with a racist name on it?

Now what I don’t want to happen with this story is that the real issue gets pushed aside and everyone takes it out on Barbara Walters. Granted she should not have used the word period, I think sometimes people want to get away with using when they think no one will have an issue. I don’t care if it’s a line in your favorite Jay-Z song, the title of a book, or the name of a lodge just in case you didn’t know Barbara Walter’s: YOU SHOULD NEVER USE THE WORD NIGGER, at least on TV, you can say what u want when you’re at home.  This is just my opinion and you can say whatever you want about black people being overly sensitive, but if the shoe was on the other foot white people would have a problem if President Barak Obama's favorite restaurant was called 'crackerhead' or What if his favorite place to eat when he  traveled was Cracker-barrel? The two words do not have the same historical connotation and do not evoke the same emotion.

Please let me know your thoughts about Rick Perry, The niggerhead lodge, and Barbara Walter's use of the word even in context of the story that was being reported??

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Check out this week's Poll Question - How long does romance last in a committed relationship?

How long does it last? I believe it lasts as long as you both want it to.  I also believe you have to try very hard to keep things spicy in any committed relationship.  My husband and I try to have regular date nights for example. What are your thoughts? Answer the poll question on the upper right hand side of the blog and please feel free to leave a comment also.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Million Dollar Question for Women??

Women which would you Prefer, If You Could Only Chose One: 
A Big Engagement Ring, the Wedding of Your Dreams, or a Good Marriage with a Loving Husband??

I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted something on the blog, but I really wanted to know how people felt about this question. So I started my Thursday like I do most Thursdays. I say good morning and kiss my wife goodbye as she leaves to go to work. She calls me Dennis the Menace, like im always getting into trouble when she is not home. After some breakfast (got to have my pops) some ESPN, the Philip Defranco show, and some Shaytards. I usually work out, check emails, and look at the news. The thing that I have gotten into lately is to check what’s trending online and essentially in most of the world. So today we have the obvious trending topics The University of Miami, Capybara, and Ooma.

Then right there in the top five of trending topics is Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring. From what I can gather is for a lot of people there is a huge controversy behind this ring. Reports have said that this is a ring she brought for herself for Reggie Bush to give to her for their engagement. Since that obviously didn’t work out, she is using that same ring for her engagement to her new fiancĂ©. I guess this for most people is a sign of a women that is desperate to get married by any means necessary (I know its wrong to quote Malcolm X when referring to Kim Kardashian, I had to do it). Asisde from wasting a few minutes of my life, what it did was get me thinking about engagement rings, weddings, marriage and all of the stuff that comes along with getting married. My wife and I got married in Las Vegas it was just the two of us and the magistrate. For me it was of the most special and memoriable days of my life. I can honestly say that im glad we avoided all of the headaches and arguments that couples go through when planning a huge wedding. But I also realize that for most women their wedding day is something they dream about their entire life.

So have we come to a point where we judge people's relationships by the size of their ring or the extravagance of their wedding ceremony? I wanted to ask women a serious question, because a lot of what is made up of a marriage today on the outside is public opinion. It all has to do with the courtship process, engagement rings, and the huge wedding ceremony. In my opinion what really matters is the love that the two of you have together. How you share in each's other goals and dreams and your own view of the life you want to have together. My advice to people out there is live your life.

You could exchange rings you got from a Cracker Jack box, get married in your backyard, and have a wonderful marriage. How you came to that point has nothing to do with where you are going and how strong your marriage will be. But, will that satisfy you? Is love enough or do we require the approval of others, who in reality have no say or part in your marriage at all they are merely spectators along for the ride. Yet, people go to great lengths to impress friends, family, and even people they don’t know who will look at the sum of those parts and determine how strong their love is for one another. So again the question to you ladies out there is this:

Women which would you Prefer, If You Could Only Chose One: 
A Big Engagement Ring, the Wedding of Your Dreams, or a Good Marriage with a Loving Husband??

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Response: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child

So the news broke yesterday and everyone including myself was surprised when former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, announced their separation last week after 25 years of marriage. It seems to come out of nowhere, But as the LA Times has revealed today, there’s a good explanation for it. The former governor had finally admitted to his soon to be ex-wife that he has fathered a child outside of their marriage (thank goodness it was not Pres. Obama). The child, who is now 10 years old was born to one of his staffers. Now how has been able to keep thus from his wife for so long has me dumbfounded. Now I'm really interested to see the fallout from this scandal. There are lot of things that the public can and will forgive, but i don't think cheating on your wife and fathering a child is one of them. Certainly not when it's such a high profile figure as Maria Shriver. I feel bad for the family and especially for the children that have to endure all this. I am curious how the media is going to cover this story though. The media has been very critical of athletes and entertainers fathering children outside of their marriage or cheating on their wives. Look at how long the Kobe Bryant story held the attention of the public. Now think about other politicians who have had sex scandals in recent years. Former President Bill Clinton, Former Gov. Jim McGreevey, Eliot Spitzer, and former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. I think that politicians are public figures that should be held to the same standard as any other person including celebrities. It does set a terrible example to the youth about the lack of faithfulness in today's marriage. I watched TV with my wife the other day it was a Law and Order: SVU Marathon one of our favorite shows. Each episode we watched shows some aspect of a unfaithful man that cheating on his wife or girlfriend. I have always said that women tend to be distrusting and suspicious of their men because they are surrounded with images or infidelity and cheating everyday. Pick up a magazine in you local grocery store, go to, or any other news network and I guarantee that this is some type of sex scandal as the top news story. (I know this breaks all type of man laws) But I'm beginning to understand why women feel that way. As men we do not want to lumped into the group of the untrusting and inappropriate. But the reality remains and it is constantly reinforced by people actions that many people in relationships are unfaithful. As men our society celebrates a huge ego and swagger you can smell coming through the door. So we adapt a me first mentality that will always find us in this very revealing predicament. What do you do to set yourself apart from the pact? I would love to divert some attention and use the age old argument that women cheat too, but they are better at not getting caught (had to throw that one in there). But this has nothing to do with women at all. As men, we have to make better decisions for ourselves and our families. We must conduct ourselves better if we are to truly assume the role as the head of our household. This is not so much about Arnold Schwarzenegger Celebrity and money are not excuses for compromising your values and integrity, if those where ever that night to begin with. Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger has played a terminator from the future, an undercover kindergarden cop teacher, and a do-gooder twin in the movies. In real life, he is another man that has embarrassed his family with true lies, went commando trying to be the last action hero.