Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Million Dollar Question for Women??

Women which would you Prefer, If You Could Only Chose One: 
A Big Engagement Ring, the Wedding of Your Dreams, or a Good Marriage with a Loving Husband??

I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted something on the blog, but I really wanted to know how people felt about this question. So I started my Thursday like I do most Thursdays. I say good morning and kiss my wife goodbye as she leaves to go to work. She calls me Dennis the Menace, like im always getting into trouble when she is not home. After some breakfast (got to have my pops) some ESPN, the Philip Defranco show, and some Shaytards. I usually work out, check emails, and look at the news. The thing that I have gotten into lately is to check what’s trending online and essentially in most of the world. So today we have the obvious trending topics The University of Miami, Capybara, and Ooma.

Then right there in the top five of trending topics is Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring. From what I can gather is for a lot of people there is a huge controversy behind this ring. Reports have said that this is a ring she brought for herself for Reggie Bush to give to her for their engagement. Since that obviously didn’t work out, she is using that same ring for her engagement to her new fiancé. I guess this for most people is a sign of a women that is desperate to get married by any means necessary (I know its wrong to quote Malcolm X when referring to Kim Kardashian, I had to do it). Asisde from wasting a few minutes of my life, what it did was get me thinking about engagement rings, weddings, marriage and all of the stuff that comes along with getting married. My wife and I got married in Las Vegas it was just the two of us and the magistrate. For me it was of the most special and memoriable days of my life. I can honestly say that im glad we avoided all of the headaches and arguments that couples go through when planning a huge wedding. But I also realize that for most women their wedding day is something they dream about their entire life.

So have we come to a point where we judge people's relationships by the size of their ring or the extravagance of their wedding ceremony? I wanted to ask women a serious question, because a lot of what is made up of a marriage today on the outside is public opinion. It all has to do with the courtship process, engagement rings, and the huge wedding ceremony. In my opinion what really matters is the love that the two of you have together. How you share in each's other goals and dreams and your own view of the life you want to have together. My advice to people out there is live your life.

You could exchange rings you got from a Cracker Jack box, get married in your backyard, and have a wonderful marriage. How you came to that point has nothing to do with where you are going and how strong your marriage will be. But, will that satisfy you? Is love enough or do we require the approval of others, who in reality have no say or part in your marriage at all they are merely spectators along for the ride. Yet, people go to great lengths to impress friends, family, and even people they don’t know who will look at the sum of those parts and determine how strong their love is for one another. So again the question to you ladies out there is this:

Women which would you Prefer, If You Could Only Chose One: 
A Big Engagement Ring, the Wedding of Your Dreams, or a Good Marriage with a Loving Husband??

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  1. I would take good marriage! But the REAL TRUTH is most women would say they want ALL THREE! I think as little girls a lot of us are put on pedestals and have fairy tales about what a picture of true love should look like. We subconsciously want for dreams that sometimes are unreachable. We can't seperate fiction from truth. We want prince charming,the horse,the castle..we want it all!
    In the end, true love will always prevail above any money, diamonds,etc.. so I choose LOVE FIRST! but 5 carats won't hurt either! Lol

    Adrienne R.